Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche

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I will share my experiences and what I have seen, heard, and learned from being a close disciple of the Buddha Master for many years and do what I can to make the Buddha’s dharma discourses and writings more accessible to those who do not understand Chinese.

I have followed this Buddha, before I even knew He was a Buddha, because I wanted to learn the Buddha-dharma of Shakyamuni Buddha; the dharma that can enlighten and enable one to attain liberation from samsara. I am grateful to all the other teachers who helped me on this path, but I have come to know that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha is truly a holy being and has the Buddha-dharma that can enable us to become Bodhisattvas and eventually Buddhas. I don’t see that anywhere else, but I do see a lot of erroneous and even evil practices that do not provide the power of the dharma that Shakyamuni Buddha brought to this world. I am alarmed at the secularization of Buddhism that has occurred in the West. It would seem that much of what is presented as Buddhism today is mainly a form of mindfulness that is a method to develop concentration, reduce stress, and achieve serenity. These are all worthy by-products and useful, but fall far short of the wonders and marvelous existence taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. People do not believe in the power of the Buddha-dharma, because they have never experienced or seen it.