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Respected Bodi Wentu Rinoche is a Caucasian westerner
and the first person to hold the position of translation
teacher at Hua Zang Si. The rinpoche has read many
sutra teachings. He strictly abides by the principles of
cause and effect and strictly observes the precepts. He is a
straightforward and honest person who devotes himself to
cultivation and study and who does not shirk hard work.
The rinpoche’s main work involves translating material
on the dharma. He has translated sutras and recorded
discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He has deep
merit from helping westerners learn the dharma. When
the rinpoche received the Karmic Selection Great
Initiation from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, great
dharma powers manifested in the mandala. The rinpoche
was astounded and repeatedly praised the supremacy and
wonder of the Buddha-dharma. His body and mind
underwent a sudden change, and he right then and there
resolutely vowed to realize the supreme bodhi and benefit
living beings. The rinpoche is able to telekinetically
awaken a vajra pill.