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On The First Day of the Lunar Year

First, we will answer the six questions you raised to Venerable Mozhi. Venerable Mozhi provided the reply in person:

“1. I, Mozhi, am a Lianhuakou Venerable (lit. a Venerable of the Lotus Flower Button Level). I dare not accept the title of Greatly Holy and Virtuous One (AKA Greatly Holy Guru).

2. I have not realized the accomplishment of Gold Button Level 3 yet. I am not a non-retrograde Bodhisattva and do not possess sufficient qualification as a Greatly Holy and Virtuous One.

3. I am not able to perform a real Inner-tantric Initiation. However, with a Borrowed Inner-tantric Mandala, I can preside over a Borrowed Inner-tantric Initiation.

4. I still strive to cultivate myself and do not possess sufficient capabilities to save living beings. I do not accept any disciples.

5. What you saw in the recorded video titled ‘Manifestation of Genuine Buddha Dharma That Is Difficult to See Even in One Thousand Years’ is me practicing the Dharma of Tummo Concentration before many people. I used the divine fire from my body to scorch and cause blisters in the hands of dharma kings, rinpoches, and dharma masters. Here I would like to say I am sorry to the eminent monastics and greatly virtuous ones and also apologize to those who were injured by the burn.

6. On that day, there indeed was a person with the title of rinpoche who stood far away and dared not reach and touch my tummo fire. Actually, he was not a real rinpoche. He feared to be handicapped by the burn, and he was afraid of losing face. I will not mention his name here.

I am not defiled by any demonic mentality, and I do not dare to burn any living being or cause anyone to become disabled.”

Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Written on behalf of great holy virtuous ones to answer questions raised

February 16, 2018