Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Honoring the Treasure Book HH Dorje Chang Buddha III by Bestowing Nectar

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Honoring the Treasure Book HH Dorje Chang Buddha III by Bestowing Nectar

Immediately after the banner informing

the public of this grand assembly to

honor the Treasury book his holiness

HH Dorje Chang Buddha III was placed

over the main entrance it was unser a

huge Buddha light appeared in the sky

above wasn’t its dazzling light shine

the suspiciously what is meant by the

phrase humans and celestial beings

celebrate together

that’s supremely wonderful and grand

occasion finally enabled people to see

with their own eyes exactly what that

phrase means everyone saw holy

occurrences that were unprecedented the

dharma suddenly began with the beating

of gongs and drums resounding to the sky

as people perform dragon and lion dances

during which three lions prostrated to

the Buddha on June 21st

2008 in San Francisco USA the

international buddhism sangha

association led into the Shakyamuni

Buddha Hall and the Amitabha Buddha Hall

of Lausanne serve more than 100 Buddhist

organizations from around the world of

two great reincarnated dominguez three

Dharma Kings nine venerable ones

numerous great Dharma teachers a few

hundred Lamas and members of the Sangha

and more than a thousand Buddhist

followers everyone took their place and

sat down amid a ceremonious and solemn

atmosphere it wasn’t so a grand Dharma

assembly to honor the treasure book His

Holiness HH Dorje Chang Buddha III

took place for the first time in the


later the beating of Dharma drops and

the blowing of Dharma horns emanated

from holding banners and sounding Dharma

instruments monastics enter the hall and

a very dignified His Eminence Dharma

King Guard tongues on the fourth

Schwerin gyatsu together with two great

renfa Shay’s practiced the mandala

offering and other Dharma’s to make

offerings to the Treasury book eminent

monastics and greatly virtuous people

from all over the world practice Dharma

made offerings to the Treasury book and

gave speeches



right after the seven types of Buddhist

disciples made offerings to Western

Lamas made their way to the center of

the Great Hall with steady firm steps

amid the song enchanting of Buddha’s


they were shouldering a small palette of

riches of the treasure book

His Holiness HH Dorje Chang Buddha III the

thoroughly everyone was immersed in the

state of holy peace in which all

thoughts were stoned as each line merged

with the chanting venerable den Mossimo

then respectfully placed the treasure

books onto the Dharma altar



miss pett eternities that promotes

linkages Dharma masters indigenous

leaders the state senator and other

guests and all attendees today he’s been

a family honoring the most precious book

in the history of Buddhism his

fallenness project Angela the third the

purpose of the grand sandwich is to pay

our utmost respect to the treasurer for

the International reads and Central

Association especially welcome all of

you to the grand

nagi-chan Buddha is the highest and the

first Buddha in the Dharma realm the

third true incarnation of vocation

Buddha has come to our world and is the

highest of it was polish on board who

saw the Buddha Dharma to the fight with

us in the five directions including

Amitabha Buddha and two others everyone

knows Shakyamuni Buddha the founder of

Buddhism in our world it was only at the

podium Buddha transformed into deeper

mahara Buddha and observed but

Shakyamuni Buddha as a designer that

Sakyamuni Buddha was able to become a

Buddha the identity of his holiness

position Buddha deserve was a firm

according to the Buddhist world the

highest leader and through the project

of the wearer’s Buddhist sect around the

world have recognized that his holiness

tradition Buddha deserve is the true

incarnation of God Shampoo those

recommendations were made in conformity

with the words of Buddha

his holiness is the only be of great

holiness in history to have received

such a large number of recognitions and

the region congratulations made in

accordance with the rule of world

everyone could sense that this was an

auspicious occasion celebrated by both

humans and celestial beings

various government officials or their

representatives then gave speeches and

awarded certificates of commendation

paid in this particular ceremony to

acknowledge the great work of who’d

attend the third and the influence that

he has not only here in our community in

California but throughout this world let

me present this certificate on behalf of

the California State Senate – whoo – and

the third secretary of state Debra Bowen

I wanted to read to you her comments

today dear friends and these to

congratulate the International

Asian of this evening

next please welcome of the mayor of San


Jorge each on duty is the highest leader

of Buddhism in the Dharma could it be

that only human beings would happily

celebrate this event what was taking

place was nothing other than the first

dharma assembly to honor this treasure

book about a food right when people were

thinking about this the buddhas and

bodhisattvas suddenly began their own

celebration by bestowing their most

precious people swarmed outside crying

out with excitement at this time sounds

the thunder in rapid succession never

before hood boomed in the clear blue sky

it seemed like the fireworks of heaven

exploding in the sky thick nectar could

be seen appearing out of the spaces in

between the branches of the tree null a

new word came from or word vanished the

nectar was as thick as large auspicious

snowflakes fluttering darting and

whirling about amid the spaces between

branches totally beyond the control

some of the nectar rose upward while

other nectar descended downward nectar

flakes really danced shoveled back and

forth and jumped around from time to

time those flakes sprinkled down upon

the faces bodies hands and mouths of

people the deliciously sweet taste was

incomparable and so smoothing to the

spirit thousands of hands stretched into

the air as everyone hoped to partake of

the screen blessing

however the summer sky ever wasn’t soon

it was dry and clean it was 86 degrees

Fahrenheit as the bright Sun shined

above there was not the slightest sign

of rain or Sun but as soon as one walked

into the area of a temple enveloped by

the holy trees one could see nectar

flying about and smells wonderful

fragrance it was most wondrous that the

nectar definitely did not fall to the


right when the nectar was about to hit

the ground it suddenly disappeared the

nectar truly demonstrated that it is a

holy object that does not come into

contact with the ordinary earth people

could not believe their own eyes but the

facts are right there in front of them

they were enraptured by the sea the

ailments of some people completely

disappeared on the spot the entire

bodies of some people became hammered or

some people feel indescribable lightness

enjoy the rooh those who directly

attained and entered a holy state at

this time wha Sansa was enveloped in a

colorful bright light just as before the

fireworks of heaven of the heavens could

be heard in the form of Thunder booming

in rapid succession this was a most

miraculous gift presented an honor of

the treasure book his holiness HH Dorje Chang Buddha III

holy nectar who

descended continuously for two days and

two nights the buddhas and bodhisattvas

presented this holy and pure gift to

welcome this trade rebirth and to give

people this message but book

His Holiness HH Dorje Chang Buddha III

is a supreme suspicion but for the

first in the 2,500 year history of

Buddhism perfectly manifest the five in

his wisdom

is holding this HH Dorje Chang Buddha III

is the greatest leader of Buddhism

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