I, Nick Best, Tearing My Lat (RAW FOOTAGE) Plus Recovery Update

Nick Best: “Hey,everybody and welcome back to my channel,sorry about the air conditioner in the background but there’s nothing we can do about it. Um today, I want to talk about my Lat(Latissimus Dorsi) injury and reattachment and kind of what I think caused it and the recovery process and the therapy I’ve been doing to get better from it. So let’s start with how I think it happened.

About 3 weeks out from the US OPEN, I pulled 820 in training. It was good I mean it felt great pulled it right up no problems, figured I was good for 859 on a third and that was kind of the plan going into it take a nice light opener pull a new world record and then try to break it even further with that. Um clearly the last part of that didn’t happen becauseI tore my lat off at the 821.

But we’re three weeks out I had the great training session then the next day I could visit uh the world Buddhism association headquarters in Pasadena I go to visit my Buddha master Nama Dorje Chang Buddha the third and there’s a bunch of vibe receptors laying around now five receptors look like a giant Thomas Inch dumbbell, they’re much heavier and the handles are a little bit thinner but they’re huge looking really neat uh influence and I lifted them all except for the Buddha scepter, the only person that’s every lifted the Buddha scepter is Buddha master and basically that is 59 levels over what is normal for people that buddha master did when he lifted that and being as shame as I thought I had a good shot at it, so I went and grabbed it and started pulling on it and he warned me not to do it but I gave it a try and I pulled with everything I had and then I felt like a movement or a twinge in my lap and I was like kind of it was painful, but it wasn’t bad and he was like I wouldn’t complete in three weeks I go I think I’ll be fine I got threes to heal it should be okay well didn’t listen tore it off. Um with a weight that I can easily accomplish. So that’s kind of what I thought brought the engineer on as I was try to do you know the Vajra scepters which is a basically a super heavy one-handed deadlift to to relate it to what people are used to and that that’s what I think caused it now.

I had the surgery Dr. McGhee did a great job on it reattached it and originally he wanted me to wait 12 weeks for the tendon to heal all the way onto the bone because the muscle is so strong and the wights that I lift are so heavy he’s afraid that I’ll tear it back off. My progression my progression with this has been so good he’s been extremely happy with it. I mean you can see the scar now and then my range of motion I can almost get my hand all the way back over my head again which is really neat, um I just visited him last week. And where he planned to send me the pt (physical therapy) at 12 weeks he gave me the prescription. I’m going tomorrow, I’m going to start pt tomorrow which is fantastic I’m really excited but I’ve been doing things for pt my self I have a electrical stim machine I have a mark pro and that’s been helping quite a bit and then I also have a swimming pool so I go in the swimming pool and I just move my arm around I don;t do anything heavy with it or hard with it and I just move it slowly that way If I feel something weird , I can stop, but I, you know, slowly stared lift I got my arm before I couldn’t even put my arm straight and  then I go into where I could put it straight and then I slowly just kept working it I’d lift it to an area and I just hold it there for like 10 seconds 20 seconds and then put it down as I was comfortable and working the range of motions to get that back you know I can now stick my hand pretty straight up over my head I got a free more degrees to go but I’ll work that out with pt but it’s been real and then I’m still training the other side of my body but I’m turning it light I’m starting to do uh training uh with light things like shoulder raises and stuff like this and front raises that aren’t really engaged in the lat that much but now I can start doing isometric holds and stuff like that in a lot where I get a hold and then I pull and I just hold it lightly doesn’t want any speed work or anything like that where you’re pulling hard and fast till probables week 14 but the progress has been great movement in the pool has done a lot I’ve done that several times now and it works really good .The ice the diet proper eating I just fell very very blessed to have the progress that I’m having with it so the plan now is to go to pt after I’ve done all these things go to pt and then get my full range of motion back in this arm and work on the range of motion in this one so I can get them both effortlessly up. Over my head and straying now where it’s forward like this but straight up over my head without having resistance from my last so it’s going to take a lot of work but I think in the end it’s going to make me a better strongman competitor because my overhead will be much better I can one get in better position to hold the bar in easier and better position overhead and three I won’t have the resistance pulling down on my last so you know when I get back to training it instead of having a negative 80 pounds on when I start lifting so if it’s like oh I don’t know 400 pounds, it’s not like, I’m trying to lift 480 or 300 pounds I’m trying to lift 380.

Um it’ll be whatever the weight is on the bar so I’m really excited this has been a great learning thing for me um and it’s great that I get to share some of these things with you now if you have any questions about some of the therapies that I was talking about like in the swimming pool or the “pro mark” um or like the CBC products that I’ve been putting on to help with information to help with the scar and the healing with the scar uh just leave me down in the comments at the bottom, um but as always train hard, train smart and be the best you can.”

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